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Over the years, Watermark Wealth Strategies has witnessed thousands of clients cross their retirement finish line. We’ve come to realize that once these individuals make it past the invisible border that separates life inside and outside of the workforce, there is no singular mold for what active retirement looks like. For some it involves travel and bucket list undertakings, but for others it centers on volunteering or even a part-time job in different field.  

Regardless of what this new stage holds for you, we want to deliver the flexibility within your plan for you to thrive in the freedom of retirement. Stride-for-stride we’ll match your preferred pace, continually reevaluating and adapting what you set up prior to retirement to ensure it’s in agreement with your reality post retirement. As our team takes the lead on the practical issues – income distributions, Social Security, tax-efficiency, and risk management – you’ll be able to take on the distance ahead at exactly the speed you’d like.