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Investment Philosophy

Entrusted with the important task of investing our clients’ hard-earned money, Watermark Wealth Strategies has formed a set of fundamental beliefs which direct all of our decision-making. These guiding principles are grounded in our study of economic trends and the investor behavior that occurs in response to inevitable fluctuation. Using our philosophy in conjunction with your time frame and comfort level, our team can then narrow down particular strategies that make the most sense for you.  

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe your financial plan is an extension of your overall life plan. As such, we don’t just punch numbers into a calculator to determine the exact amount you need to retire, rather we incorporate your wildest dreams, your greatest ambitions, and your lifelong goals into the advice we give.
  • We believe in partnering with open-minded men and women who are eager to listen to our recommendations. Individuals who have no preconceived biases towards good or bad investments trust us to act in their best interests, a role we take very seriously.
  • We believe in working with optimistic investors. Clients who have adopted a positive point of view tend to make financial conclusions based on reason, not emotion.
  • We believe short-term outcomes are not always a good indicator of long-term failure or success. Like driving down a stretch of highway, it’s important to look at the horizon instead of three feet in front of you.
  • We believe you can’t time or beat the markets. Because it is impossible to guarantee the size of a return, the best way to minimize risk is to invest in sectors that have traditionally outperformed.