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Egg-Citing News About Chickens

| February 15, 2019
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Egg-Citing News About Chickens


Backyard chickens boast benefits beyond the barnyard. With concerns about our food sources, fresh eggs may be higher quality, better tasting, and more nutritious. Some other benefits of chicken ownership:


Pest control. Chickens eat small bugs and worms. They hunt and peck for little critters and insects.


Compost. The waste from your coop can be used in the garden as compost, which nourishes the soil as natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer.


Less food waste. Chickens eat scraps, so you can add scraps of bread, fruit, or veggies to their feed. Be sure to feed scraps in moderation and to check guidelines on what they can and can’t eat before sharing your leftovers.


Companionship. Tending chickens can help you to destress, unwind, and get outdoors.


Check to see if your city supports backyard chickens before you build your coop. Many communities allow chickens, but not roosters.


Tip adapted from USA Today[i]



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